Try Invisalign Clear Tooth Aligners for Straighter Teeth

Patients who would prefer straighter teeth – or whose health is negatively affected by their tooth alignment – may be interested in Invisalign. At Quay Shore Dental Centre, we are a certified Invisalign® provider, offering the popular “clear braces.”

Invisible Braces?
A series of Invisalign clear aligners will gradually straighten your teeth while being virtually invisible. No one will know you’re wearing them! Also, we offer FREE teeth whitening for all of our Invisalign patients!

Less Fuss
You can remove your Invisalign aligners to eat: no embarrassing food particles in your braces. You’ll also take them out to clean them, meaning that your teeth stay cleaner and brighter during the course of the straightening process.

Come Talk to Us
To take the first step toward getting your teeth straightened, come to Quay Shore Dental Centre and discuss this option with one of our dentists. A dazzling smile may be in your future!